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Simplify Your Data Integration And Transformation

DTE’s advanced software can easily convert data from any source and format to any destination and format through our powerful interactive mapping capabilities and transformation rules.

We make it easy

As data fragmentation, driven by thousands of sources and targets, has increased, organizations have had to choose from incomplete legacy solutions, cloud lock-in, or multiple disparate point solutions – all of which come with cost and innovation risks. DTE mitigates risk while futureproofing your business.


DTE can process any data format at scale without modifying existing systems with full automation and error handling.


Leverage DTE’s extensive rules library for transforming data and formations to create reusable templates. DTE rules can interface with API’s, stored procedures, custom Java code, and other objects.


Creating good “data products” means eliminating bad data. DTE allows businesses to filter out data and creates error logs for data correction and auditing.

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